Greenhouse Gas (GHG) & Sustainability

environ_bckimgOur GHG Rule Services include:

  • Determine Applicability
  • GHG Monitoring Plan and Procedures Preparation
  • GHG Emissions Calculation for Annual Reporting
  • Audit of GHG Monitoring Plan and Procedures
  • Serving as Authorized Agent for Submission for Annual Reports to U.S. EPA
  • Training

Carbon Footprint

  • Facility Carbon Footprint Determination; Manufacturing, Facilities, Logistics and all other Operations
  • Develop Database For Tracking, Monitoring Carbon Footprint
  • Analyze Data and Identify Cost Effective Opportunities to Reduce Energy and carbon emissions

Sustainability Opportunities

  • Water Use Inventory, Benchmark Against Industry Average
  • Explore Analyze Water Efficiency Opportunity Through Conservation, Reuse and Recycle– Obtain Best Value
  • Energy Accounting From All Sources, Benchmark Against Industry Average
  • Chemical Use Reduction Opportunities
  • Hazardous Waste Reduction Strategies
  • VOC and Acid Emissions Reduction Opportunities

Additional GHG and Sustainability Services:

  • Development of GHG Calculator for Industrial Sectors
  • Product Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint Determination
  • Industrial Energy Use Audit and Management
  • Carbon Offset Project Quantifications
  • Sustainability Program Development
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility
  • Implementation, Management, and Results Tracking