Product Stewardship

productsteward_img6ROHS>Restrictions on Hazardous Substances for electronic products

  • Develop compliance procedures and systems for EU ROHS, China ROHS directives for electronic products
  • Provide complete material composition of products, develop database and customer friendly web based, automated access to the product content data
  • Develop supplier environmental quality assurance program involving material supplier due-diligence, certification, testing and verification of compliance with restricted materials regulations around the globe for multinational facilities and businesses
  • Develop factory floor procedures to assure compliance with ROHS including material identification, storage segregation, equipment cleaning and chemical analyses

EU Packaging Directive

  • Develop system to assure compliance with EU packaging directive, including certification, testing and verification procedures for packaging materials

International Material Data System

  • Complete management of IMDS (International Material Data System) requirements; prepare material modules of products and submit MDS for automotive manufacturers and suppliers
  • Complete training, documentation of all ROHS, ELV, REACH compliance systems and procedures
  • Develop company standards for “halogen-free” / “Green” products, develop procedures for due diligence for material suppliers, testing and verification of materials
  • Compile complete material breakdown and database of “green” products containing epoxy, plastic and rosin material