Wastewater Recycling

recycling_img5Water Inventory

  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of local water supply, including seasonal variations
  • Conduct complete inventory and water balance of manufacturing and facilities operations
  • Provide with capacity, demand, potential use optimization and reuse /recycle analyses

Water Quality Study

  • Long and short term trends
    • Incoming water quality
    • Product water quality
    • High purity water quality
    • Reject and wastewater quality

Wastewater Characterization Study at the Point of Generation as Opposed to the Traditional “End of Pipe” Sampling

  • Complete investigation using MSDSs, Product datasheets, process recipes, bath changes, dump frequencies at each manufacturing station/ wet bench
  • Compilation of database of chemical contaminants, concentrations ( Minimum /Maximum /Average) and flow rates
  • Trend Analyses; long and short term trends

Conceptualization of Reuse and/or Recycle Strategy

  • Develop optimum, cost effective reuse or recycle concepts with estimated chemical and energy use, costs and ROI ( Return on Investment) projections

Pilot Treatment or Lab Tests Studies

  • Conduct lab testing of the plant waste stream
  • Construct a prototype model for simulation and testing of plant influent streams

Implement Most Cost Effective Treatment, Reuse, Recycle technology

  • Develop conceptual schematics, scope of work, specifications, bid preparation, vendor selection, construction /start up supervision, third party performance analysis/ validation and certification.