Water and Wastewater Treatment

wasterwater_img6Employs Innovative and Emerging Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies

  • Alternate to conventional coagulation and flocculation process – Will significantly reduce sludge generation
  • Reduced hazardous by-products ( such as TTHMs and others)
  • Reduced chemical, activated carbon and disinfectant use

Conceptual Waste Treatment Design of Unique Industrial Chemicals

  • Advanced oxidation techniques to treat surfactants, organics, cyanide and other specialized chemicals and metals such arsenic and heavy metals

Lab and Bench Scale Treatment For Validation

  • Conduct lab testing in collaboration with a scientific/ research institution and a commercial laboratory
  • Construct a prototype model for simulation and testing of plant influent streams

Troubleshooting of Existing Treatment System

  • Help troubleshoot treatment issues, permit excursions, abnormalities

Treatment System Optimization

  • Benchmarking, chemical use and process optimization, improve treatment efficiency

Construction Management

  • Assist with bid preparation, vendor selection, construction /start up supervision, third party performance analysis/ validation and certification.